Donalds Says McCarthy is ‘In Trouble’ After Budget Deal

( – According to Representative Byron Donalds, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is “in trouble” after agreeing to a government funding deal that Democrats view as a victory. Republican officials are upset with McCarthy for allowing the bill to pass, claiming that the bill doesn’t provide any benefits to conservatives and heavily favors Democratic lawmakers.

The bill provided short-term relief for the impending government shutdown, which would’ve halted government programs for millions of Americans and federal employees. According to Donalds, the bill is a failure for Republicans, as it does not address key issues such as the ongoing immigration crisis and government overspending. McCarthy’s decision to support the bill will likely bring heavy criticism from other Republicans and might even cost him his leadership position.

While some Republicans only discuss a potential effort to vacate McCarthy’s chair, Representative Matt Gaetz is already taking action to force McCarthy out of his leadership position. Gaetz offered a motion to vacate the chair on the House floor. Gaetz’s decision to offer the motion is a rare procedural move within the House and would shake up the Republican leadership if successful. The motion requires a majority of the House of Representatives to be successful, and McCarthy was not worried about the potential ousting being successful. As of now, McCarthy has been ousted from his position.

Gaetz claims his decision is based on McCarthy’s reluctance to fight policies that aren’t in line with traditional conservative values, such as the bill referred to by Donalds. No Speaker of the House has been removed from their position due to a motion to vacate. Still, Gaetz can find success given the Republican officials’ outspoken criticism of McCarthy’s leadership.

While many conservatives detest McCarthy’s decision to support the policy, others commend him for preventing a government shutdown through bipartisanship. McCarthy’s efforts mark the second instance where he crossed party lines to keep the government funded, if even temporarily.

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