E. Jean Carroll Brags About Trump Money – DISRESPECTFUL!

(DailyVantage.com) – E. Jean Carroll recently bragged about the $83.3 million payout from her defamation suit against former President Donald Trump, sharing how she planned to spend the money on various causes. Carroll said she’d use the money to benefit “women’s rights,” but Carroll didn’t elaborate on how the massive judgment would benefit other women throughout the country. Carroll then said she’d use some of the judgment on herself to buy lavish new items, including wardrobes or shoes.

Carroll’s comments came during a recent appearance on MSNBC, hosted by Rachel Maddow. During the interview, Carroll said she planned on spending the judgment on gifts, new clothes, and furniture before offering to buy a penthouse for Maddow. Carroll’s attorney appeared alongside her during the MSNBC appearance, quickly dismissing Carroll’s claims as jokes before signaling her to stop speaking about the large payout. Many audience members are criticizing Carroll’s comments, calling the journalist “disrespectful” due to her flippant nature about the legal battle.

Maddow began the interview by asking Carroll how she’d use the money to benefit women across the country, a statement Carroll made in the past. Carroll reaffirmed her previous promise to spend the money on various causes dedicated to women but failed to provide a specific example to Maddow. Carroll then began joking about taking Maddow on a shopping spree, gifting her an expensive penthouse, buying a motorcycle for one of her attorneys, and buying a fishing rod for her other attorney.

Maddow seemed to enjoy joking with Carroll about the $83.3 million payout, as she agreed to go on a fishing trip to France with Carroll towards the end of the MSNBC interview. Carroll’s attorneys quickly clarified that Carroll’s promised gifts and proposed trips to France were jokes and that Carroll planned on using the money for women’s rights as initially promised. Despite the judgment against the former president, Donald Trump recently announced his plan to appeal the defamation trial’s outcome with a new team of attorneys.

Trump said Carroll’s $83.3 million payout is unjustifiable and far too expensive. Trump plans to appeal the defamation case to receive a more favorable outcome, such as a lower judgment. Prior defamation cases like Trump’s have received a reduction in damages upon a successful appeal, so Trump’s efforts could work if he can find an attorney willing to take up the appeal.

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