Elderly Woman Victim of Brutal Attack, Man Sentenced for Causing Irreversible Harm

(DailyVantage.com) – A Washington, D.C., court recently sentenced a 35-year-old man who attacked an elderly woman, leaving her with irreversible injuries, to eight years behind bars. The incident resulting in the brutal attack occurred on February 23, 2022, when John Hopkins and his wife, Claudia Hopkins, went to a supermarket in Washington, D.C. As the elderly couple attempted to enter the store, they encountered Alexander Adams, the convicted attacker.

According to a spokesperson for the Department of Justice, Adams approached the couple and asked them for five dollars. John Hopkins gave Adams one dollar, which infuriated Adams. John Hopkins claimed that Adams said the single dollar wasn’t enough before punching him and knocking him to the ground. Before John Hopkins could get up, Adams grabbed his cane and used it to attack Claudia Hopkins, leaving her with life-altering injuries.

Prosecutors claimed that Adams hit Claudia Hopkins in the head and body with the cane, causing her to fall backward and land headfirst on concrete. The brutal attack caused Claudia Hopkins to suffer from a concussion, brain bleeding and swelling, and various mental defects. Claudia Hopkins now suffers from a reduced mental capacity and difficulty remembering basic things, including the identity of her husband of more than 50 years. Authorities quickly arrested Adams the following day, where he remained throughout the case.

After spending six months in custody, Adams pled guilty to two aggravated assault charges. The court sentenced Adams to 96 months in prison and three additional years of supervised release. The incident is Adams’ latest encounter with the legal system, as the 35-year-old has a lengthy criminal record of 13 convictions. Adams’ father also shared information about his son, claiming the 35-year-old attacked him as well. According to the judge overseeing Adams’ case, Adams was an extraordinarily dangerous person who could harm others upon his release.

John Hopkins shared details about his wife’s condition and the assault, which he said ruined her life. According to Hopkins, his wife can’t walk anymore, nor can she speak or recognize her loved ones. Hopkins also said his wife can’t eat independently, so she has a feeding tube to fulfill her needs. Hopkins called for city officials to protect Washington, D.C., residents, claiming he and his wife suffered from the city’s neglect.

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