Elon Musk Hires Child Prodigy To Do WHAT?!

(DailyVantage.com) – Elon Musk has hired a child prodigy from California for the SpaceX rocket company. Kairan Quazi, age 14, has been offered a role in a software engineering position with the company. The teenager will soon move from the Bay Area, California to the Redmond, Washington area.  

The boy was described as a “child prodigy” by the media who was allowed to skip elementary school. The boy reportedly transferred to San Clara University at age 11. 

Quazi, who is of American-Bangladeshi origin, is the youngest graduate of San Clara University in the school’s 172-year history and was reportedly also the former youngest member of the AI fellow intern at Intel Labs. Quazi is now making history as the youngest member of SpaceX. The boy will reportedly be a member of the Starlink development team, a post to his Linkedin page confirmed. 

The boy told the media that he was excited to join SpaceX because the company had not judged his capabilities by his age. 

However, because of the boy’s young age, Linkedin reportedly deleted his account. The boy expressed his disdain for this decision and asked why it was that he was deemed fit to work for SpaceX, but could not be permitted on the professional social platform. 

Quazi took to Instagram to call out Linkedin for blocking his access to the platform. The boy called the decision to ban his account “illogical” and “primitive nonsense”. 

When Quazi’s account was closed, he received a message from the Linkedin platform stating that he did not meet the minimum age requirements to be admitted to the platform, but that he would be eligible to create a new page at age 16. In his Instagram account’s comment, he was greeted by many sympathizers who stated that it was, in their view, “unfair” that the platform had been closed to the boy, as well as allegedly being closed to many other “amazing, talented” people.

One of Quazi’s sympathizers even called for a “boycott” of Linkedin following the decision to block the boy’s page. 

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