Evidence Shows Russia Executed Prisoners Trying to Surrender

Evidence Shows Russia Executed Prisoners Trying to Surrender

New Evidence Found After Russian Invasion – It’s Worse Than Anyone Thought

(DailyVantage.com) – Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, there have been harrowing tales of how Russian troops have treated Ukrainian citizens. Many stories surfaced telling how dead bodies littered the streets, including those of women and children. Russia was quick to downplay the accounts, saying they amounted to nothing more than propaganda. Yet, the United States has offered up what it calls “credible information” to the UN Security Council.

On April 27, Beth Van Schaack, America’s Global Criminal Justice ambassador at large, spoke before the Council and pointed to evidence, including images, coming out of the Donestk region. She said Russian troops “executed Ukrainians… attempting to surrender” instead of arresting them. Van Schaack also said this isn’t attributable to a rogue person or squadron; it’s happening throughout Ukraine in a “disturbing pattern of systemic abuse.”

Additionally, Van Schaack says, “those who unleashed, perpetrated, and ordered these crimes must be held to account.”

If true, The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague can add these executions to the long list of war crimes of which Russia stands accused over the last two months. Baroness Helena Kennedy, a British human rights lawyer helping build a case against the Kremlin, says the actions are atrocious, and the ICC is already investigating Russia’s actions.

What do you think about these charges? Should the ICC hold Russia accountable for the alleged war crimes others accuse the nation of perpetrating?

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