Ex-Lawyer Hillary Clinton Loses Legal Knowledge Quiz to… Kim Kardashian?

Ex-Lawyer Hillary Clinton Loses Legal Knowledge Quiz to... Kim Kardashian?

Hillary Clinton Suffers Worst Defeat of Her Career

(DailyVantage.com) – Hillary Clinton graduated from Yale with a law degree long before she was the first lady or secretary of state. That, and her storied political history, would lead one to believe her legal knowledge is top-notch. While that may still be the case, she recently lost in a legal knowledge trivia quiz to none other than reality star Kim Kardashian.

While filming for Clinton’s upcoming documentary series “Gutsy,” she and her daughter, Chelsea, sat down with Kardashian. The trio discussed the reality star’s criminal justice work and the fact she recently passed the “baby bar” exam. Clinton said Kardashian’s work is “impressive” and applauded her efforts to use her celebrity status to make a difference. Then, the two got down to business, competing at some legal trivia.

Chelsea Clinton was the quizmaster for the matchup between Hillary and Kim. Ultimately, Kardashian blew the failed presidential candidate out of the water with an 11 to 4 score. Clinton joked afterward that she was “heartbroken” she lost, but the former first lady praised the popular reality star for her legal acumen and said she’s a great example of someone working hard to achieve success.

Chelsea stood up for her mom following her defeat, saying it was more of a reaction time issue because she felt Hillary knew the answers — she just couldn’t keep up with (that) Kardashian.

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