Facing CHARGES – GOP Throws FBI a BLAZING Curveball!

(DailyVantage.com) – FBI Director Christopher Wray may face contempt charges, Just The News reported. House Oversight Committee Chairman Representative James Comer (R.Ky.) has motioned to hold Wray in contempt of Congress over a document relevant to the investigation into President Joe Biden and his family, the Associated Press reported. The bureau record reportedly details an alleged “crime scene” involving the President and a foreign national. 

While Comer reportedly expressed disdain with the FBI withheld document, the FBI maintained that it granted information with respect to protecting certain security interests within the bureau, the Associated Press reported. The FBI stated that it was cooperating in “good faith” with lawmakers and that it deemed an escalation “under the circumstances” as being “unnecessary.” 

Nevertheless, the House Oversight Committee prepared to vote on whether to hold the FBI Director in contempt of Congress on May 31, NBC News reported. At the time of this report, no official vote had been cast. Reportedly, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has supported the committee’s motion to hold the vote, NBC News reported. The FBI contends that the document was the product of an unsubstantiated account by a confidential human informant. The FBI report stated that recording the information does not “substantiate” the information, NBC News reported. 

Comer’s decision to hold a vote on whether Wray is in contempt of Congress followed weeks of intense criticism of the FBI. Earlier in May, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan held a hearing with FBI whistleblowers who have accused the FBI of “crushing” their families as retaliation against them for disclosing wrongdoing within the agency, Fox News reported. 

Criticism and inquiry into the FBI’s conduct received renewed public attention following the release of Special Counsel John Durham’s findings. The over 300-page document recorded the special counsel’s inquiry into the federal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s relationships in Russia. Durham’s findings determined that the investigation had been “seriously flawed” and that, in his view, a formal investigation into Trump should not have occurred, the CNN reported.

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