Family Fights Against Anti-Israel Protests

( – Guy Tsadik, a businessman from New York, became a street activist with his family after noticing anti-Israel protesters ripping down posters seeking the missing Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas during their October 7th attack on Israel. Tsadik’s wife Tami, daughter Maya, and son Eitan decided to join him in fighting the anti-Israeli protesters.

46-year-old Tsadik and his family found the protesters’ actions inhumane. He wanted to find a unique way to help the hostages held by Hamas. He thought of his children and then, sadly, about the babies and children trapped in Gaza. Tsadik said the protesters do not understand that if they were in Gaza, they would have been “executed in a dark alley.”

The family decided one way to contend with the protestors would be to keep the kidnapping posters from being ripped down. Tsadik searched online and found two New York-based Israeli artists who created the posters for the hostages in Gaza. Tsadik printed out and assembled a large stack of the posters he had downloaded from the artists’ website,

Tsadik and his family went to the neighborhoods of “The Five Towns,” located next to Queens, New York. Tsadik gave the posters to shop owners to fasten on the windows of their stores. He persuaded the shop owners to attach the posters to the inside portion of their windows. Tsadik warned that if the papers were secured to the outer panes, vandals would tear them down again.

Some companies that Tsadik did not visit asked to receive his posters. Following Tsadik and his family’s lead, posters are beginning to be put up in the windows of New Jersey businesses. Tsadik says the posters are accessible online and can be printed easily. He hopes many more people and organizations across the United States decide to print and put up the posters to spread awareness for the hostages in Gaza.

Some pro-Palestinian people do not like the posters. A video of a dentist in Miami, Florida, went viral after he pulled some posters down. As a result, the dentist was fired. Two students attending New York University were caught on camera removing posters. The student may receive punishment from their university for their actions.

When asked about the anti-Israeli protesters, Tsadik stated he was disgusted by them and said they lacked empathy. He said they are either “misinformed or completely evil.” He continued by saying the picketers rationalize Hamas’s inhumane atrocities, while the hospitals in Israel help both Palestinian offenders and Israeli citizens.

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