Fani Willis’ Behavior Leads to US Marshals’ Involvement

( – Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ behavior continues to be examined through a microscope as a news outlet reported that she wasted taxpayer funds after a failure to take service of a subpoena via email required U.S. Marshalls to hand-deliver the document to her personally.

According to a report from the Daily Caller, Willis was issued a subpoena by the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, which has decided to look into claims that she misused federal funds in the course of her ongoing indictment of former president Donald Trump. According to an unnamed source who spoke to the news outlet, Willis refused the official summons when she received it through email but eventually had to accept it once it was hand-delivered to her.

The Congressional investigation into Willis’ spending and conduct while in office is the latest skirmish the embattled Fulton County, Georgia, DA has been embroiled in after a report surfaced that she had a relationship with one of the private attorneys her DA’s office hired to help prosecute former president Trump.

Willis earlier admitted to having a relationship with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor hired by her office. One of Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia election tampering indictment Willis is in charge of, Michael Roman, claims in court documents that the relationship between the two prosecutors created a conflict of interest. He further argues that Willis also indirectly enjoyed personal benefits from the professional relationship between the DA’s office and Wade’s firm in the form of allegedly lavish trips Willis and Wade took using funds paid to Wade’s firm by the DA’s office.

The recent revelations into Willis’ behavior have also triggered investigations closer to home. Republican Georgia state Senator Bill Cowsert also launched a state legislative inquiry into Willis, claiming that he already has several witnesses against the Fulton County DA lined up.

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