Fani Willis Delivers Foreboding Message to Donald Trump

( – Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis, is clear that her intention is to jail former President Donald Trump. Recently revealed emails detail Willis’ goal of imprisoning Trump and her demands that she be referred to by her title by Trump’s attorneys because she has “earned” it. She also claimed she’s being forthright with Trump’s attorneys regarding releasing all evidence to them, and says she has always “enjoyed beating folks” by giving them all files and information.

Willis’ reply came in response to Trump’s lawyer’s claim that the transcript of one of the 18 co-defendants in the case, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, was incomplete. Willis assured attorney Steve Sadow that the full transcript would be made available to him in the next correspondence after which he thanked her.

The case being brought by Willis alleges that Trump and practically anyone in his orbit who offered him advice regarding potential election fraud in Georgia during the 2020 presidential elections is guilty of a RICO conspiracy. Of Trump’s 18 co-defendants, four have already taken plea deals. One of those is Trump’s former attorney Jenna Ellis who recently made statements to Newsweek that mirror her post-plea declarations that she no longer believes there was election fraud in the Peach State and wishes she had not represented Trump.

CNN is reporting that former Vice President Mike Pence may be testifying soon against Trump in this case. Former House Representative and frequent Trump critic Liz Cheney told MSNBC that she heard Ellis outline a scenario that would have seen Pence refuse the counting of certain electoral votes. The Trump team has always maintained that at no time did they request Pence not to count electors, but instead urged him to send the electors back to requesting state legislatures for recounting under the Electoral Count Act (ECA) of 1887.

When Congress passed their massive omnibus bill in 2022, officials added an amendment gutting the ECA. Although this is not the official mechanism required to change or remove such legislation, Congress is treating it as legitimate. Many members of the body as well as the media took to blaming the ECA for the riots on January 6th.

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