Father and Son Build Pizza Oven with Legos

Father and Son Build Pizza Oven with Legos

(DailyVantage.com) – Parents are always looking for ways to bond with their children, but one father-son duo seems to have come up with an amazing way to spend their time together. Louri Petoukhov and his son, Michael, have taken playing with LEGOs to new heights. They run a YouTube channel, The Brick Wall, where they showcase their fascinating developments. One of their most popular creations, though, comes in the form of a pizza maker, made entirely of plastic bricks.

Sound too good to be true? For sure, and it’s fully operational, too!

Engineering plays a major part in the mechanics of the machine, which has several compartments to hold ingredients. The crust travels across a platform where first, bottles come down, drizzling sauce while a spreader follows behind to coat the dough evenly. Cheese comes next, and then toppings of your choice, which the machine spreads evenly across the pie. After cooking, the pie travels back through the creation, where a pizza cutter slices it.

The nifty creation can be seen in its full glory here:

Next time you’re looking for a special way to bond with your children, perhaps you might just break out the LEGOs and see what creations you can make!

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