Father Turns In Son for Vandalizing WWI Memorial During Anti-Israel Protest

(DailyVantage.com) – A teenage protestor recently vandalized one of the World War I memorials in Central Park, prompting the 16-year-old’s father to report him to the New York Police Department.

The teenager vandalized the memorial during an anti-Israel demonstration and spray painted the word “Gaza’ across the front of the World War I monument. The New York Police Department responded to the teenager’s vandalism in a public statement. In the statement, Kaz Daughtry, the department’s deputy commissioner of operations, criticized the teenage protestor and shared information about the charges against him. According to Daughtry, authorities charged the teenager with felony criminal mischief and graffiti, a misdemeanor.

Daughtry described the vandalism as “despicable” and told members of the press that the teenager wasn’t simply committing a juvenile prank but rather destroying a public monument honoring the soldiers who died in the First World War. Daughtry promised members of the public that New York authorities would punish the teenager for the war memorial vandalism, which could see the teenager charged as an adult and a potential prison sentence. Following Daughtry’s statement, the NYPD released information about the teenage vandal and how he ended up in custody.

According to sources in the New York Police Department, the vandal goes to a Staten Island school known as Tottenville High School. Police also confirmed that the teenager didn’t act alone when he vandalized the memorial, as other anti-Israel protestors defaced the monument and committed acts of vandalism while the teenager spray-painted the monument. Protestors took to Central Park to put stickers on the memorial that indicated support for Palestine, while others burned and stomped on an American flag. Authorities believe that protestors intended to enter the nearby Metropolitan Museum of Art, which hosted the Met Gala on the same evening as the protest.

Video footage of the Central Park protest highlighted the lack of police in the area during the demonstration and featured clips of the teenager spray-painting the monument. Police believe the boy’s father likely saw the footage, recognized his son as the vandal, and turned him in following the protest’s conclusion. The teenage protestor isn’t the only person facing potential criminal consequences for the demonstration either, as police arrested more than 24 protestors who took part in the Central Park demonstration.

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