Fauci Criticizes Biden Admin’s COVID Testing Plans

Fauci Criticizes Biden Admin's COVID Testing Plans

(DailyVantage.com) – Dr. Fauci, notably the most public figure when it comes to COVID-19, has no problem speaking out on perceived failures, even when it involves taking shots at the current administration.

On Sunday, December 26, Fauci appeared on ABC News’ “This Week” to talk about the current situation regarding the pandemic. When pressed about the availability of testing kits, he defended the Biden Administration’s response but said, “We’ve obviously got to do better.”

Fauci attributed the lack of testing to supply chain issues. He also noted while these issues will resolve themselves over time, perhaps leading into January, it doesn’t help those who need tests “today and tomorrow.” With the increasing spread of Omicron, people are trying to get their hands on at-home kits and getting frustrated to find stores have sold out everywhere.

Making matters worse, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki laughed off a reporter when asked by NPR’s Mara Liasson why the government doesn’t just make the tests free and “make them available everywhere?” Psaki’s sarcastic response was to ask if the government should “just send one to every American.” Just weeks later, Psaki said the White House was working on a solution, a website where people could sign up to have tests shipped to them.

With the Omicron variant rapidly spreading across the nation, it’s critical testing supplies be made readily available to those who need them. In that vein, Fauci’s right for once: we must do better.

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