FBI Arrests Man For Disturbing Threats Against US Senator

(DailyVantage.com) – Federal authorities arrested a man from Alaska after he threatened to kidnap and hurt a United States Senator. According to authorities, Arthur Graham, a 46-year-old Alaskan, threatened to kill an undisclosed senator before stating he’d use their “skin as clothes.” The disturbing threats immediately prompted members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to detain Graham and investigate the threats he made.

Graham is an Alaskan resident and made the violent threats after receiving an eviction notice. In the threats, Graham states that he will “live inside” the unnamed senator as he has nowhere else to go. After the staff working for the senator received the threat from Graham, they reported it to the Capitol Police. The reported threats prompted Capitol Police and agents from the FBI to visit Graham, who confessed to making the threatening statements and admitted to knowing the threats were illegal. If convicted for the statements, Graham will spend up to five years in federal prison.

Graham’s alarming threats come just days after Nevada authorities arrested someone for similar statements. According to authorities, John Miller, a 43-year-old man from Las Vegas, threatened to kill Senator Jacky Rosen due to her status as a Jewish person. In the shocking comments made by Miller, he claims he will “finish what Hitler started.” Miller, like Graham, threatened to kidnap and murder Rosen. Miller’s comments are politically motivated, however, unlike Graham’s, and directly reference the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas as justification for harming Rosen. Miller is an alleged anti-Semite and is currently in the custody of authorities for his threats against Rosen. If convicted for threatening Rosen, Miller will also spend up to five years in a federal prison.

The threats against the two senators mark an alarming trend: potential violence against lawmakers. Another instance occurred at the home of Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a popular presidential candidate who’s gained traction over the past few months. A trespasser entered Kennedy’s property before being detained by Kennedy’s security team and arrested by police. After his release, the trespasser attempted to re-enter Kennedy’s property. The reasoning for the trespass is currently unknown, but Kennedy believes violence was the trespasser’s intention.

Threats against senators aren’t an uncommon occurrence, but the shocking statements from Graham and Miller prompted attention from federal authorities, given their inherent violence. As more threats occur, it seems that the Senate will consider adjusting security measures for elected officials.

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