FBI Director Claims US Terror Threat Is Rising In The US

(DailyVantage.com) – According to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray, domestic terrorism is rising within the United States. Wray claimed the most significant concern amongst local and federal law enforcement is the possibility of “lone-wolf” copycats of extremist groups like Hamas, which recently invaded Israel in a surprise attack.

Wray confirmed the number of reported terrorist threats increased after the former leader of Hamas called for Muslims across the globe to begin advocating for Palestine in public protests. Wray clarified that law enforcement shouldn’t target citizens based on their religious identity but indicates that police presence nationwide is focused on vocal supporters of Palestine and the attack on Israel.

Wray didn’t specify any details surrounding potential domestic terrorism threats, but he remains adamant that the possibility of a similar attack occurring in the United States isn’t entirely impossible. Wray seemingly believes that the invasion of Israel will embolden extremists across the United States who will perpetrate similar attacks on local targets. According to Wray, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is committed to preventing attacks by extremists in the United States and overseas. Still, he didn’t confirm if the FBI had already prevented an attack following the invasion of Israel.

Wray’s comments echo a sentiment shared amongst many Americans, who believe the attack on Israel will result in a rise of anti-Semitism and targeted terrorist attacks. Despite Wray’s claims, an attack on a United States target hasn’t occurred yet, and any indication of an extremist threat remains unascertained.

The increase in concern regarding a potential terror attack by law enforcement isn’t entirely unwarranted, however, as numerous extremist leaders across the globe called for Muslims to commit similar attacks in support of Palestine.

So far, the conflict between Israel and Hamas has cost over 3,000 people’s lives, and there is no sign of a potential armistice in the immediate future. While Wray claims that the threat of terrorism is on the rise, the escalation of the conflict in Israel remains uncertain.

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