FBI Faces Backlash Amidst Controversial Church Investigation

(DailyVantage.com) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation is facing heavy backlash due to its controversial investigation into members of a Catholic church. According to officials from the Bureau, the FBI is investigating traditional Catholics to determine if they are a terrorist threat to other American citizens. During one of the FBI’s investigations, agents interviewed a priest and the director of a church choir. The FBI also planted an undercover agent in a church.

The House of Representatives is examining the FBI’s church probe in response to the FBI allegedly targeting members of Catholicism. The House found the FBI’s interviews with members of one Catholic church and detailed information about the undercover agent surveilling the church. According to the members of the House of Representatives, the FBI purposefully targeted people with conservative values, including those who were openly pro-life. The FBI also allegedly investigated church members who supported a biological basis for determining someone’s gender.

The church became the focus of an FBI investigation after one member of the church described themselves as a “radical” traditionalist. Following the church member’s self-description, the FBI began interviewing members of the same church to determine if the individual posed a terrorist threat. Following the probe, the FBI released an internal memorandum that warned other agents about the potential danger posed by radical Catholics.

When asked by the House of Representatives to define what a “radical Catholic” meant, officials from the FBI couldn’t provide an answer. Despite failing to identify how Catholics may pose a threat to national security, the FBI shared internal documents with multiple offices to share information about monitored churches and Catholic church members. The probe includes the FBI offices in Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles, California.

According to a leaked document from the FBI’s office in Richmond, Virginia, Catholics who attend traditional ceremonies are typically more interested in joining extremist organizations. The FBI also sought information from members of the Catholic clergy and those associated with the church’s American leadership.

Despite facing heavy criticism from the House of Representatives, the FBI claims it did not violate any constitutional rights by investigating members of the Catholic Church.

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