FBI Is Allegedly Targeting Trump Supporters With 2024 Approaching

(DailyVantage.com) – According to a report from Newsweek, the FBI is currently targeting Trump supporters to prevent any violent or disruptive behavior going into the 2024 election. The report stems from Newsweek interviews with dozens of government officials and indicates the FBI wants to police conservatives to avoid a repeat of the controversial January 6th incident at the Capitol.

The officials also claim the FBI is attempting to protect the constitutional rights of American citizens and that the FBI is worried about the optics. They worry that Republicans’ claims about the Biden Administration weaponizing the bureau will be vindicated if agents target conservatives without a valid reason. The FBI’s focus on Republican supporters is primarily on domestic terrorism, the agency claims, a growing concern within the country as political parties shift further into extremism. Biden claims that MAGA-Republicans are extremists, and the FBI’s secretive focus on these conservatives indicates the bureau agrees with the president.

Many criticize the FBI for focusing on conservative supporters and believe the genuine threat to the country lies in the liberal extremists that regularly cause immense property damage. Despite these valid concerns, the FBI focuses on Republicans, citing Biden’s claims that conservatives are more prone to violence and extremist activities.

Although the report from Newsweek stems from valid sources with positions in the government, the FBI denies any targeting and insists it’s operating fairly and without bias. Officials also indicate that some of the surveillance methods used by the FBI are used to monitor members of terrorist cells, including Al Qaeda. The report indicates that far-right supporters of Trump are the main targets of the FBI’s new efforts and that these conservatives, in particular, are now designated as terrorist threats.

The newfound investigative efforts of the FBI come just months before the 2024 election season officially kicks off. The decision to target Trump supporters in particular is concerning to many, as Trump is already seen as a victim of a political witch hunt by many across the country. Even if the FBI’s efforts stem from valid concern and not Biden’s desire to limit his opposition in a contested election, the claims of targeting certain Americans based on political affiliation will likely haunt Biden’s campaign.

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