FBI Says Mass Shooter Gave How-To Document So Others Could Be Like Him

FBI Says Mass Shooter Gave How-To Document So Others Could Be Like Him

Mass Shooter Left Behind a Document

(DailyVantage.com) – Payton Gendron, 19, allegedly opened fire at a Buffalo, New York supermarket, killing 10 people and injuring several others on May 14. Authorities charged him with state and federal crimes in the aftermath and have continued to uncover information in their investigations. Now, federal agencies are warning local departments nationwide to be vigilant because the shooter left behind a “how-to” guide for would-be copycats.

According to CBS, the FBI, National Counterterrorism Center, and Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin warning authorities that Gendron left behind some questionable materials: a 672-page diary online and a 180-page manifesto. In these documents, which he reportedly invited several people to view, the shooter outlays a roadmap for conducting similar racially-motivated crimes.

Authorities say the online documents contain instructions to modify an AR-15 rifle — including where to buy the parts — to hold even more ammunition. The journals also outlined several other procedures and techniques.

The federal agencies are worried Gendron may inspire other lone actors to carry out shootings through the publication of his diary and manifesto and have called on local police departments to work with their communities to keep a vigilant watch.

It’s unclear how many people have viewed Gendron’s documents. The alleged shooter remains in state custody, and his next hearing is scheduled on December 9.

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