Fetterman Slams Newsom For Running Shadow Campaign Against Biden

(DailyVantage.com) – Senator John Fetterman recently criticized California Governor Gavin Newsom for allegedly running a “shadow campaign” against President Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential election. Fetterman’s statements likely refer to Newsom’s increasing presence in national media coverage, where Newsom regularly discusses California policy and criticizes other states with Republican leaders.

According to Fetterman, Newsom is using the national media to build his support base to run for the Democratic nomination in next year’s election. Newsom claims he doesn’t intend to run against President Biden and endorses the Biden Administration, but the governor’s decision to challenge Republican presidential candidates to national debates and his increasing presence in events outside of California are sparking speculation that a campaign announcement is imminent.

Despite Newsom’s denial of a presidential bid, Fetterman claims the governor is running a shadow campaign and is seeking the Democratic nomination. Fetterman claims that Newsom is running for president but doesn’t have the “guts” to announce his campaign formally. Newsom maintains popularity among liberals and moderate Democrats but lacks widespread support compared to President Biden.

Although Biden’s popularity in national polls is declining, the aging president is the Democratic Party’s nominee for next year’s election. Another Democrat, Representative Dean Phillips, is seeking to challenge Biden in the primary season. Aside from Phillips, there aren’t any other Democratic Party members running against Biden, but Fetterman claims that Newsom is secretly running for the nomination.

Speculation regarding a potential campaign from Newsom began when he publicly challenged Florida Governor and GOP candidate Ron DeSantis to a live debate, which will occur on November 30, 2023. Following the widely publicized back-and-forth between the two politicians, Newsom began appearing in various media outlets to criticize Republican lawmakers and Donald Trump. Newsom also campaigned on behalf of the Biden administration at various events and regularly expressed support for the current administration.

When asked about a potential presidential bid, Newsom denied any plans and claimed that Biden “deserves it.” Although Newsom is unlikely to run against President Biden in the 2024 election, many lawmakers expect him to announce a formal presidential bid in the 2028 election if Biden secures a second term.

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