Fisherman Discover Woman’s Remains in a Trash Bag

Fisherman Discover Woman's Remains in a Trash Bag

( – Fishermen often make unique — or gruesome — discoveries while navigating various bodies of water. There have been countless tales of people reeling in what they think is a great catch, only to find something unexpected. Unfortunately, one group enjoying an afternoon of spearfishing in the Gulf of Mexico discovered something most people hope they never come upon.

On Saturday, December 10, while fishing off the coast of Tampa Bay’s Egmont Key, the group found what they initially thought was a trash bag. However, they quickly realized it wasn’t garbage when they cut it open. Clothing and skin made it clear there was a body inside, and the group immediately issued a distress call to authorities in the area.

The St. Petersburg Police Department and the US Coast Guard both responded to the scene, but they turned the case over to the FBI because the discovery occurred in federal waters. As of the time of writing, the FBI had no updates on the matter.

Authorities are still trying to identify the body but have made no announcements yet, although multiple outlets reported it appeared to belong to a middle-aged woman. The length of time the body was in the water currently remains unclear.

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