Footage Shows Migrants Taken to Border, Then Entering US Illegally

( – Video footage from the southern United States border in California recently surfaced in which viewers can witness migrants crossing into the country illegally. The video showcases two SUVs driving up to the border, which were carrying several dozen migrants, who then leave the vehicles and climb over the border wall to enter the United States. The incident occurred in Jacumba, California, which features a southern United States border sector patrolled by the Border Patrol’s San Diego officers.

The Jacumba sector is experiencing a rapid increase in illegal crossings, especially over the past few weeks, as Texas officials began strictly enforcing policies that combat illegal immigration. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is pushing for more border enforcement, causing migrants to shift their preferred location for unlawful entries. California is among the preferred states for illegal immigrants to cross into, given the lack of strict anti-immigration policies within the state. The controversial footage is the latest instance of people catching illegal crossings on tape, raising concerns amongst lawmakers regarding how easy it is to enter the United States.

A reporter for FOX Nation, Bud Knapp, recorded the video and discussed the shocking footage upon its release. According to Knapp, the migrants seen in the video originated from a variety of countries, including Turkey, China, and India. Knapp said that there was only one Border Patrol agent in the area during the crossing. The San Diego sector experiences thousands of illegal crossings each week, and agents aren’t capable of keeping up with the ongoing immigration surge at the southern border.

The United States Customs and Border Protection released statistics about the ongoing immigration crisis, confirming that the San Diego sector alone experienced more than 1,100 crossings in one day. The majority of migrants came from South America, but 97 migrated from China, and 91 came from Turkey, most of whom are military-age single adults with no discernible background.

The immigration crisis could result in a potential increase in crime and danger, according to a group of former FBI employees. The former FBI officials said that the surge of military-age foreigners could pose a threat to the United States, given the sheer number of illegal crossings occurring every day. Among the officials who issued the warning are former FBI directors Chris Swecker and Kevin Brock and former FBI superintendent Mark Morgan. Despite the outspoken criticisms of President Joe Biden’s mishandling of the immigration crisis, the federal government isn’t addressing the increasing immigration at this time.

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