Former British PM Boris Johnson Clashes With Fox News Star Tucker Carlson

( – In an interview on Wednesday with the non-partisan Atlantic Council, former English Prime Minister Boris Johnson stressed the importance of Western support for the Ukrainian people.

Putin, he claimed, is a “neo-imperialist” who needs to be reigned in with the help of Western powers like Great Britain and the U.S.

Americans, however, are not unified in their support for military aid in Ukraine. A new Pew survey released this past Tuesday finds that 26% of Americans feel as though the U.S. government is giving too much aid to Ukraine. Though this number may seem relatively small, it has increased by 19% since the start of the conflict.

When asked a question about Russian cyber disinformation, Johnson responded by bringing up Fox News personality Tucker Carlson: “I’ve been amazed and horrified by how many people are frightened by a guy called Tucker Carlson”, Johnson said, “what is it with this guy?” Johnson went on to say that Carlson has been presenting the American public with some “bad ideas” that are “beginning to infect” the discourse around the war in Ukraine.

Carlson, to be sure, has been very clear about his position on the conflict. At the Family Leadership Summit in June of last year, Carlson explained that he was not a “Putin defender” but, rather, was indifferent about the war in Ukraine.

This has, for the most part, been Carlson’s position: he is against foreign aid to Ukraine because, according to him, it is not in the best interest of the American people.

Johnson, on the other hand, has been adamant in his support for the Ukrainian people. He believes that people like Carlson, who’s show Tucker Carlson Tonight averages over 3 million views an episode, are adversely affecting public opinion.

Johnson and Carlson’s differences on Ukraine are, in many ways, emblematic of the broader debate currently happening on the right.

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