Former Clinton Adviser Warns Biden Is Risking World War III

( – According to Douglas Schoen, who worked as one of former President Bill Clinton’s advisors, President Joe Biden’s approach to the various conflicts in the Middle East could result in a third world war. Schoen shared a warning about Biden’s failure to adequately address the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and how the conflict is spreading to other nations in the Middle East. Among the countries indirectly involved in the spreading conflict are Iraq and Yemen, both of which have seen increased activity from the militant group known as the Houthi rebels.

Iran is also taking a more active role in the Israel-Hamas war but isn’t directly involved in the conflict. Despite not joining the war, Iran regularly expresses support for Hamas  and threatens action against Israel and the United States if either nation violates its sovereignty. Some military experts believe the rising tensions between Iran and the United States could lead to a massive international conflict, along with the increased Houthi rebel activity in the area. Houthi forces recently announced their plan to retaliate against the United States with “all forces” and began attacking US-owned ships near Yemen in response to ongoing United States military operations in the region.

Biden responded to the attacks from Houthi forces by ordering air strikes against Houthi rebels throughout Yemen, prompting heavy criticism from lawmakers and advisors who fear Biden’s actions could cause further reprisals. Biden claimed that he ordered the air strikes to show the United States’ strength and ability to fight foreign threats, but many lawmakers aren’t convinced. Schoen is among those doubting Biden and said that Biden’s failure to lessen risks from Houthi forces and Iran may result in a global conflict between the United States and several Middle Eastern countries.

Although Schoen expressed doubts about President Biden, he did share his belief that Biden’s “show of force” supporting Israel is a step in the right direction. Shortly after, Schoen said that Biden’s support of Israel failed to adequately prevent countries like Iran or Yemen from preparing for future conflicts. According to Schoen, Iran is the “architect” of the conflict throughout the Middle East, and Biden should take proactive measures to lessen Iran’s ability to enable future conflicts.

Schoen also referred to the United States’ direct involvement in countries like Iraq as another contributing factor to the increased global tensions. United States troops in Iraq recently suffered from a drone strike, which many intelligence officials believe originated from Iran. The attacks only injured two soldiers, but some experts speculate that Iran is preparing future strikes on United States personnel through various Middle Eastern militias, such as the aforementioned Houthi rebels.

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