Former Homicide Detective Makes Huge Discovery in Idaho Murder Case

Former Homicide Detective Makes Huge Discovery in Idaho Murder Case

( – An unknown assailant brutally murdered four University of Idaho students on November 13 in the home they were renting together off-campus. Law enforcement has been silent throughout the following month, much to the frustration of the victims’ parents and the surrounding community. Police haven’t yet named any suspects or made any arrests. Yet, a former homicide detective made a discovery outside the house that some people are hoping may bring answers.

In late November, Chris McDonough, a former detective, found a black glove near the home. He noted that the Moscow Police Department had failed to recognize the piece of evidence and pointed it out to the detectives on scene, who then came and picked it up, according to The Daily Mail.

While police haven’t addressed this purported evidence directly, online sleuths are hoping it will help crack the case. Newsweek reported that one such person said they couldn’t believe police “disregarded that glove for several days,” adding that it could be irrelevant — but also that it had been visible “in other news footage” and a previous drone video.

In addition to the glove, police also took vehicles parked outside the home as part of the ongoing investigation. While police have remained tight-lipped, they released an official update on Tuesday, December 13.

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