Former Police Chief to Launch Senate Campaign In Michigan

( – The former Police Chief of Detroit, James Craig, will launch a campaign for the United States Senate. Craig’s career in law enforcement spans 40 years, and he’s now aiming to switch from enforcing policy to drafting policy. If elected, Craig will replace Debbie Stabenow. Stabenow is retiring, and her retirement leaves an open seat that reduces the Democrats’ narrow majority in the Senate.

Craig is running as a Republican and aims to address issues prevalent in Detroit and nationwide, such as high crime rates and a growth in drug overdose deaths. Craig’s experience in law enforcement isn’t isolated to Detroit either, as the Senate hopeful served as chief of police in multiple cities. Among the cities that Craig served are Cinncinati and Portland. Another issue that Craig indicated he’d focus on is the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border, a growing concern among voters that the White House refuses to address.

Craig isn’t the only Republican seeking to fill Stabenow’s empty seat, as Perry Johnson confirmed he might be running for the Senate position. Johnson is a prominent businessman and a 2024 Republican presidential candidate. Johnson isn’t receiving mainstream media attention due to his lack of popularity nationwide, so the switch to a Senate bid isn’t entirely shocking to those who’ve followed his failing presidential bid.

While Johnson lacks the popularity of other presidential candidates like Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, he’s quite popular in Michigan and was once considered a top contender during his failed Michigan gubernatorial bid in 2022. Johnson isn’t confirming if he’ll run for the open Senate seat, but if he does, it would jeopardize Craig’s campaign.

Craig is another failed gubernatorial candidate; his campaign ended dramatically when his nominating petition contained forged signatures. Craig’s controversial gubernatorial bid will likely be covered in national news as his Senate bid takes off, but the former police chief maintains immense popularity with residents of Michigan. Craig’s campaign remains uncontested, but additional candidates will likely follow soon.

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