Former Reagan AG Claims Special Counsel In Trump Case Is Unconstitutional

( – Ed Meese, the former attorney general for the former and late president Ronald Reagan, has written to the U.S. Supreme Court alleging that the appointment of Jack Smith, the special counsel handling former president Trump’s indictment regarding the former president’s alleged election interference, is unconstitutional.

In a “friend-of-the-court” letter co-written with law professors Gary S. Lawson and Steven G. Calabresi, Messe said that Smith’s status as a private citizen disqualifies him from being appointed to Special Counsel. Their basis, Messe said, was the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Messe, Lawson, and Calabresi argue that none of the statutes of the clause provide the Attorney General with the authority to give a private citizen “extraordinary criminal law enforcement power under the title of Special Counsel.”

The friend-of-the-court brief also states that Smith’s appointment could only have been legitimate if it had been made by the president, but with the “advice and consent of the Senate.”

As such, Messe and Company write, Smith is “a modern example of the naked emperor.” And as Smith is “not clothed in the authority of the federal government,” Messe states that the Special Counsel has the same amount of authority as people like Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos or pop star Taylor Swift to represent the United States.

Moreover, as Smith’s appointment is unconstitutional in the first place, his requests should have no legal merit. Smith has petitioned the Supreme Court to rule on the former president’s claims of immunity regarding his indictment regarding his alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential elections.

For his part, the former chief executive has jumped on the filing of the brief, using it to bolster his claims that President Joe Biden and the Democrats are weaponizing the law in order to interfere with his own bid to run for president in the upcoming elections.

“Biden’s Flunky, Deranged Jack Smith should go to ****,” Trump raged on his Truth Social account recently.

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