Former Teaching Pursuing WILD Scheme To Pay The Bills

Former Teacher To Auction Her Womb To

Former Teacher To Auction Her Womb To “Mass Produce Pretty Babies”

( – Many people and organizations brainstorm ways and take steps to improve humanity, hoping to leave behind a better world. Yet, one woman seems convinced that populating the world with more attractive people will create a superior society. And she has just the solution to make it happen.

Amy Kupps, 33, is a former teacher who left teaching after a series of disagreements with her now ex-husband. She now makes her money by posting content online, and she believes she has the answer to improving the genetic pool: “mass produc[ing] pretty babies.” Kupps, currently pregnant with her third child, says she plans to auction off her womb and become a surrogate for the highest bidder. She didn’t disclose a starting bid.

According to Kupps, she has a lot to offer, including her “amazing eyes, hair, strong facial features, high metabolism and intelligence.” Regarding potential partners, it doesn’t matter whether they’re attractive because “the baby will be beautiful if [she’s] its mother.”

The former teacher said the idea came to her when she kept getting propositioned by men who asked her to have their babies. She said she wishes to have many, “but no more than 25 in total.” That’s her limit. She even said medical assistance could help her have multiple children at once. From there, her offspring will also reproduce and “the cycle will continue” as they eventually have beautiful kids.

How do you feel about Kupps’ plan?

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