Former US Marine Killed in Ukraine Highlights American Volunteers

Former US Marine Killed in Ukraine Highlights American Volunteers

U.S. Hero Dies Suddenly – Spotlights Volunteers

( – Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s troops have vigorously fought back. Western nations have contributed military equipment and aid to help them fight back along the way. While no other countries have officially joined the battle against Russia, more than 16,000 volunteers from other nations answered Zelenskyy’s calls for more boots on the ground, highlighting those who volunteered to help Ukraine maintain its sovereignty.

Success Stories

Many volunteers have traveled to Ukraine and been extremely successful in assisting troops and aiding humanitarian efforts, including Harrison Jozefowicz, a former Army veteran. Following the Russian invasion, Jozefowicz left the Chicago Police force and headed overseas. He heads up a group, Task Force Yankee, which places volunteers in both combat and humanitarian positions. Those benevolent efforts have helped relocate numerous families. Volunteers also deliver food, first aid kits, and medical supplies to the front lines where they’re needed most.

During the dangerous work, volunteers face opposition in many Ukrainian cities, and attacks often come randomly. Yet, Jozefowicz feels the efforts are worth it. Helping people in Ukraine helps Jozefowicz deal with the loss of his friend, Staff Sgt. Ryan Knauss, killed during the Afghanistan withdrawal last year. It allows him to give back and make a difference.

Women like former Army medic Anja Osmon are joining the fight, too. Despite having difficulty finding a group to fight with because of her gender, she’s not giving up. These are just two of thousands of stories.

Death of a Former US Marine

Every volunteer goes to Ukraine knowing the country has become a literal war zone, with thousands of casualties on both sides. They travel there knowing they could be putting their lives on the line, knowing some won’t make it home.

On April 25, 22-year-old Willy Cancel’s family received notice the former Marine died in Ukraine while working with a private military contractor to help fight off the Russians.

Cancel, a corrections officer following his short stint in the military, decided to join an undisclosed private firm and received the call to deploy. He arrived in Poland on March 12, and he made it into Ukraine sometime between then and the next day.

So far, officials have been unable to recover Cancel’s body, nor have they been able to determine his exact cause of death. His mother, Rebecca Cabrera, and his wife and 7-month-old child eagerly await the return of his body.

The volunteers who traveled to Ukraine put everything on the line to fight for inalienable human rights like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in hopes of helping good triumph over evil.

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