Fourth Body Found in Search for 3 US Missing Surfers in Mexico

( – Mexico authorities have uncovered a fourth body during their search for three missing surfers who disappeared, raising concerns about potential foul play amongst tourists and Mexican citizens.

The three surfers initially went missing after they failed to show up for a reservation, prompting their families to declare them missing. Mexico authorities attempted to find the three surfers but were unable to discover any information about their whereabouts until they found three corpses in a pit near Baja California, Mexico.

While an investigation hasn’t confirmed if the three bodies uncovered in Baja California matched the three missing surfers, investigators are confident they’ve uncovered the missing men. Following the initial discovery of the three corpses, police began investigating the area, where they uncovered a fourth body that could be related to the three missing surfers. Authorities discovered the bodies in a pit near a famous tourist town, approximately 90 miles from where Mexico meets California.

Police began searching the area around the pit containing the corpses, where they found several items and a car that belonged to the missing surfers. Mexican investigators found a destroyed Chevrolet Colorado near the scene, along with the disappeared surfers’ personal items and tents. Despite the connections between the corpses and the missing surfers, police haven’t uncovered any evidence about a potential cause of death. Authorities have arrested three people for kidnapping due to evidence of their involvement in the surfers’ disappearance.

One of the suspects charged with kidnapping allegedly possessed drugs and a phone with pictures of one of the missing surfers. While police claim that each of the three people had some involvement in the bizarre case, they haven’t provided details regarding the crime. Authorities instead confirmed that one of the suspects was directly involved in the disappearance, while the other two played a lesser role in the incident. Investigators have also identified Mexican drug cartels as having some involvement in the surfers’ disappearance.

While it took two days for authorities to learn about the three surfers’ disappearance, Mexican investigators began searching for the missing men just hours after one of the surfers’ mothers posted about the incident on Facebook. The incident isn’t the first time that surfers have gone missing while in the Baja California region, as a similar incident occurred in 2015 when two men encountered “highway bandits” while surfing near the area. Baja California is currently listed as a potentially dangerous area for international tourists but could receive a change in classification due to Mexican authorities’ recent discovery of the four bodies and the active presence of drug cartels within the area.

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