Fox News Host Says He’s Received Word Hunter Biden Will Be Indicted

Fox News Host Says He's Received Word Hunter Biden Will Be Indicted

( – When the Hunter Biden laptop scandal surfaced in 2019, the media quickly downplayed the events and wrote it off as a smear campaign against then-presidential candidate Joe Biden. Yet, in 2022, publications that decried the scandal began to change their tune and acknowledge the laptop and its contents might very well be real. After years of dodging the issue, it seems the courts could finally indict Hunter Biden for his crimes if one Fox News anchor’s sources prove true.

On his primetime show, Jesse Watters revealed sources close to President Joe Biden’s son said his indictment is imminent. Watters also said the president “will probably pardon his son,” then announce he won’t run again in the 2024 election. Watters didn’t disclose his source or elaborate on the accusation, but it could be the final damaging blow to the commander-in-chief if true.

Arkansas lawyer, Clint Lancaster, believes Hunter will face charges, as well.

Lancaster said he provided information — more than 10GB of electronic data — on Hunter’s financial dealings to Delaware prosecutors and “would be surprised if he’s not indicted” on violations of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA). Devon Archer, Hunter’s business partner, was charged with fraud and sentenced last month to just over a year in prison on an unrelated matter.

As of right now, Hunter is still under investigation, and prosecutors haven’t filed any charges.

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