France’s Macron Secretly Helped Uber by Pressuring Government in Private

France's Macron Secretly Helped Uber by Pressuring Government in Private

World Leader SECRETLY Pressured Government on Behalf of This Company

( – French President Emmanuel Macron is facing allegations of misdeeds occurring during his previous service as economic minister from 2014 to 2016. Media reports say he worked with Uber to secure deals within the country after French lawmakers passed legislation limiting its ability to operate there. Le Monde reported on July 10 that Macron helped the company secure a market hold in France by bypassing government regulations.

The French outlet said he held secret meetings, made promises, and advised the rideshare company as part of his effort to help Uber gain a foothold in France. The government placed strict restrictions on the industry, making it difficult for people to work as a driver due to outrage from taxi drivers over how anyone could work with the service.

The Guardian obtained documents, messages, and witness accounts that uncovered Macron’s alleged collusion with Uber officials while investigating another scandal involving the rideshare company. That investigation revealed evidence that Uber paid off officials in the US and Europe to expand its interests. The situation has embroiled numerous leaders from various countries, including President Joe Biden, who allegedly had a private meeting with Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick during his time in the White House as vice president.

In light of the revelations, Macron is defending himself. He claims he was happy with his work helping Uber, saying the company created jobs in France. He also explained he has no reservations about his actions and would repeat them.

Authorities in the country also stood up for the president. They claimed his efforts to assist Uber were part of his duties as economic minister. But opposition leaders are calling for a government investigation.

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