Governor to Senate – A Trump Aligned Contender EMERGES!

( – Kari Lake, a former gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, is staffing a campaign to run for the United States Senate, according to sources close to Lake. Lake failed in her attempt to run for Arizona’s governor in 2022, losing the position to Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs.

Since her loss, Lake has spent much time at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, sparking speculation that she’d be Trump’s running mate in next year’s election. Lake is instead focusing on a senatorial campaign and will likely announce it in October. Lake isn’t running unopposed but against two other candidates, including an independent. Lake will decide if she’s running for the Senate spot in the coming weeks and will spend time with other GOP candidates throughout September.

Lake is one of Trump’s biggest supporters and frequently claims that the 2020 election results are invalid. Lake’s devotion to Trump’s political platform establishes her among GOP voters. It may boost her popularity among undecided voters seeking a change from the Democratic officials currently dominating Arizona.

Lake’s potential victory would shift the political landscape of the 2024 election, as Arizona serves as a critical battleground state in presidential elections. She hasn’t confirmed if she’ll be running, but it seems incredibly likely that the former gubernatorial candidate is hiring various staffers to aid her in her campaign.

Lake is famous among conservatives and members of the GOP, but Democrats regularly mock him on the national stage. One such Democrat is Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, who defeated Lake in her failed gubernatorial campaign. Hobbs won the election against Lake with a margin of 17,000 votes. During a CNN interview, Hobbs laughed at the possibility when asked about Lake’s potential Senate bid.

Despite Hobbs’ comments about her chances of becoming a senator, Lake is polling exceptionally well among Republicans within Arizona in primary polls. Lake currently has between 38 and 42 percent of Arizona Republicans’ support, making her the most popular GOP member running in the Senate race. Lake isn’t officially running for the Senate spot yet but will likely announce her campaign in the coming weeks.

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