Frostbite Is Hurting Russian Troops As They Target Ukraine

Frostbite Is Hurting Russian Troops As They Target Ukraine

( – It’s been more than a month since Russian troops invaded Ukraine, and it doesn’t show any signs of abating soon. Putin’s troops have encountered resistance at every turn, resulting in some major casualties. But, they’re also suffering from another issue — frostbite.

The temperatures in Ukraine over the last few weeks have been typical for March, but with the added wind chills, they’ve occasionally dropped below the freezing point.

The Russian troops are reportedly ill-equipped, lacking cold-weather gear, leading to some needing treatment and having to leave the front lines. In the right conditions — in this case with the wind chill and exposure to cold — frostbite can set in within mere minutes of exposure.

Typically, the weather doesn’t start to warm up in Ukraine until April, and even then, it takes several months to warm up, given the country’s location.

Frostbite isn’t the only problem the Russians are having. They’re also facing food shortages and a logistics nightmare of obtaining new supplies, including weaponry. These factors are undoubtedly helping the Ukrainian forces keep them at bay and even fight them off completely in some areas.

Since the start of the war, experts predict Russia has lost between 7,000 and 10,000 soldiers.

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