Gabby Petito’s Family Says Look for This Emergency Hand Gesture

Gabby Petito's Family Says Look for This Emergency Hand Gesture

Gabby Petito’s Family Issues WARNING Over Mysterious “Gesture”

( – On August 12, 2021, police stopped Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie after receiving a phone call that the two were involved in a domestic dispute while traveling cross country. Sadly, the subsequent events are a matter of public record now. Laundrie allegedly murdered Petito, left her body in Wyoming, and returned to Florida, where he eventually killed himself. However, internet sleuths are saying this entire event could’ve been prevented had the police recognized a very important hand signal.

According to several TikTokusers, Petito made a clear sign with her hand that she was a victim of domestic violence while police questioned her. The gesture involves facing your palm outwards, tucking the thumb and closing the other four fingers over it. Police bodycam footage of the stop seems to show Petito making the sign.

After reviewing the video footage, Penelope House Executive Director Toni Ann Torrans said she believes Petito was trying to signal for help, but the Moab Police Department missed it — or weren’t aware of the hand sign and what it meant.

Now, Gabby’s family is trying to spread the word about this important signal and how it could potentially save lives. They might have lost their daughter to domestic violence, but through increased awareness via the foundation they started in her name, they hope more people can recognize the signs of danger before it’s too late.

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