Ghislaine Maxwell’s Former Attorneys Sue Her for Unpaid Fees

Ghislaine Maxwell's Former Attorneys Sue Her for Unpaid Fees

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Family Notified—More Tragedy

( – A court sentenced Ghislaine Maxwell to 20 years in jail on June 28 for her role in grooming girls for her ex-boyfriend, convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She’s currently in lockup in federal prison, but it seems her legal woes are far from over. Now, the firm that represented her during her trial and appeal is suing her.

On Monday, August 22, Haddon, Morgan and Foreman, PC, filed a lawsuit against the convicted socialite in Denver District Court. The firm claims Maxwell owes them $878,302.

All in the Family

The case lists Ghislaine’s husband, Scott Borgerson, and brother, Kevin Maxwell, as respondents in the case with her. While incarcerated during her criminal trial, Ms. Maxwell told the lawyers that her brother “would coordinate the financial aspects of her defense, including paying… attorneys’ fees and [any] costs advanced by the firm.”

The lawsuit claims Kevin Maxwell “breached the agreement” by not paying for the services rendered. Additionally, the firm claims Borgerson “wrongfully encumbered” Ghislaine’s assets, which made it difficult for her to meet her financial obligations.

The Payments Slowed

The firm initially became concerned about receiving payments and Maxwell’s “willingness and ability to meet her financial obligations” early on in the case. However, with multiple promises from her brother to pay and maintain a retainer with the plaintiffs, the lawyers kept working on the socialite’s defense. At one point, after sending Mr. Maxwell a notice that the firm would no longer represent his sister, he began to make payments, albeit sporadically, and never completely paying off the balance.

The suit does not mention any payments from Borgerson. But it does mention that he attempted to circumvent the creditors from getting access to her money through large property purchases. Since then, he’s sold two of them: a condo for $2.15 million and an estate for $7.295 million. Borgerson claimed Maxwell had no interest in either of the properties.

Although a jury convicted the socialite in December 2021, her initial retainer actually ran out in November 2020. The firm said the sporadic payments were enough to keep them in her employ.

The last payment Haddon, Morgan and Foreman received for its work on Ms. Maxwell’s case was on January 3, 2022, when her brother paid $143,500 on the $956,671 balance.

Neither Kevin Maxwell nor Scott Borgerson has responded to requests for comments, per CBS.

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