GOP Blamed by Democrats for Rachel Morin’s Death

( – Democrats are attempting to reverse the narrative on the border crisis, and are laying the blame for the recent rape-slaying of a mother of five in Maryland by an illegal immigrant on Republicans.

Liberal lawmakers are saying that the GOP is to blame for the heinous murder and rape of Rachel Morin, a Maryland native, by Victor Martinez-Hernandez, a 23-year-old from Venezuela who is in the U.S. illegally. Hernandez was arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma last June 14. According to the Tulsa police, the suspect was already a criminal in Venezuela, and continued his crime spree in numerous U.S. states before he allegedly killed and sexually assaulted Morin.

Jeffery Gahler, the sheriff of Harford County in Maryland, claims that Hernandez successfully fled to the U.S., entering the country through illegal means, following his supposed brutal murder of a young woman in El Salvador in Venezuela in January 2023. Hernandez’s DNA was also linked to another attack on a mother daughter in Los Angeles in March of 2023.

Speaking to the media, Democratic Maryland Governor Wes Moore blamed the right for refusing to work with their colleagues on the left to pass legislation that would strengthen the country’s border policies and hopefully help address the crisis at the border. Another Maryland Democrat, Senator Ben Cardin, said that “Congress needs to act” to address the problem and blamed the GOP-led Lower House of refusing to work on reforms that would help fix America’s broken immigration system. Another Maryland senator, Chris Van Hollen, who is also a Democrat, echoed Cardin’s sentiments, saying that Republicans have “slammed the door shut” on bipartisan measures that would intended to tackle the chaos at the border.

Democrats are reportedly preparing a strategy that would address voters’ concerns on immigration, after polls showed that the issue was among one of the most major considerations voters would be looking at come the elections in November.

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