GOP Candidate Announces RUN – He’s Jumping In!

( – Up until recently, former President Donald Trump and his Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley were the only declared GOP candidates for 2024. That, however, changed on Tuesday when entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy threw his hat into the ring, becoming the GOP’s third declared candidate for president.

Ramaswamy, who is relatively unknown in Republican circles, announced that he was running for president on Tucker Carlson’s Show on Tuesday. Ramaswamy told Carlson that the country was bounded by a “common set of Ideals.” It is his mission to revive said ideas. 

Ramaswamy went on to criticize identity politics and affirmative action based on race, ethnicity, and gender. Meritocracy, it seems, is a core pillar of his campaign. 

In a tweet accompanied by his campaign launch video, Ramaswamy wrote that “We’ve celebrated our ‘diversity’ so much that we forgot all the ways we’re really the same as Americans…” He goes on to say that shared American ideals trump superficial identity politics.

Being that he is an outsider candidate and received virtually no media buzz before his appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Ramaswamy is tasked with introducing himself to the mainstream. So far, he is not included in any polling. That, however, will soon change. 

Though upsets have been achieved before (such as Trump’s victory in 2016), it is evident that Ramaswamy will have quite a few hurdles to overcome. 

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