GOP Chairman Fed Up With Anti-Israel Stance By Colleges

( – Approximately 34 student clubs at Harvard University blamed Israel for the terrorist group Hamas’ attack on the Jewish state on October 7th. A statement released about Israel from another campus said the Israelis are not the “aggrieved party.” Also, there were reports of students saying Palestinians should retain their land in any way they “deem necessary.”

Harvard’s reluctance to address the allegations left many donors feeling aggravated. Two significant donors to Harvard have stopped giving funds altogether after Hamas’s ambush on Israel. Israeli fellows at Harvard were feeling targeted and voiced their complaints. After many students claimed Israel was at fault in the recent Israeli massacre, the Wexner Foundation board, along with businessman Idan Ofer, decided to sever their relationships with Harvard.

Several universities across the United States have articulated their thoughts on the importance of freedom of ideas and expression for their students. These ideas appear to pave the way for students to uphold and advocate their anti-Israel positions. Very few students feel any repercussions from their actions. Similar to the response Harvard received, these schools are beginning to encounter backlash from different angles.

Congressman Jason Smith reacted in horror when he heard of the widespread “statements of support for Hamas.” Smith said there is never a reason for an establishment to celebrate the torture and death of anyone. He found the universities to be hypocritical when comparing their lack of concern for the Israelis and their assumed support for the altruistic “missions” they follow. Smith noted that these schools exist as tax-exempt institutions.

Smith is chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. Congressman Smith’s high position as chairman worries universities, as Smith warns of relieving them of their tax-free existence. Smith said that no one will forget the positions these organizations took when the Israelis were slain. He also insisted that they must admit the “implicit, vile support” they professed for the Hamas terrorists.

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