GOP Lawmaker Calls For Contempt Charges Against Democrat For Helping Hunter Biden

( – A member of the House Oversight Committee is calling for contempt charges against Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell for helping Hunter Biden moments before he skipped a deposition before the House Oversight Committee. Swalwell saved a spot for Hunter Biden, where Hunter Biden spoke to the press about the planned deposition. According to Representative Andy Biggs, Hunter Biden cannot skip a deposition due to the House Oversight Committee subpoenaing President Joe Biden’s son. Biggs also called for contempt charges against Hunter Biden.

Biggs claims the House of Representatives will vote on contempt charges against Swalwell due to the press conference hosted by Hunter Biden. Biggs said that Swalwell used his position in the government to help Hunter Biden set up the press release and skip the House Oversight Committee’s deposition. Despite facing possible contempt charges, Swalwell admits to saving the spot for Hunter Biden.

Swalwell claims he helped Hunter Biden because of the lack of evidence that Hunter Biden or President Joe Biden acted corruptly. Swalwell also said that the investigation into the Biden family by the House Oversight Committee is politically motivated and that committee members like James Comer are doing former President Donald Trump’s bidding. Swalwell specifically referred to “MAGA Republicans” while addressing the controversy and said he won’t allow politically motivated investigations without attempting interference.

The House Oversight Committee subpoenaed Hunter Biden and President Biden’s brother, James Biden, to hear their testimony in an ongoing probe into the Biden family and allegations of corruption. The House Oversight Committee is considering a possible impeachment against President Biden based on accusations that he peddled influence while serving as former President Barack Obama’s vice president. According to James Comer, Biden used his role as vice president for financial gain, including payments from his son, Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden is central to multiple federal investigations involving firearms and tax offenses. According to Biggs, should the proposed contempt charges against Hunter Biden and Eric Swalwell succeed, Attorney General Merrick Garland may bring formal criminal charges against Hunter Biden. Biggs referred to Garland’s decision to charge Steve Bannon and others facing contempt charges, claiming Garland should treat Hunter Biden the same way.

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