GOP Lawmaker Rips Harvard Over Antisemitism Investigation

( – A Republican lawmaker recently criticized Harvard University in relation to the ongoing investigation into antisemitism on the school’s campus. According to Virginia Foxx, the House of Representatives Education Committee Chair, Harvard’s effort to identify and respond to antisemitism isn’t adequate. Foxx’s comments come as a response to information provided by Harvard regarding the incidents of antisemitism, which included entries from student handbooks and various letters from nonprofit organizations.

Foxx said that Harvard’s information isn’t enough and demanded the school provide documents about how campus officials plan to identify and reduce antisemitism amongst its student body. Foxx also threatened compulsory measures against the university, meaning Congress could force school officials to disclose the requested information. The House Education Committee demanded years’ worth of records dating back to 2021 to determine the prevalence of antisemitic incidents on Harvard’s main campus, as well as information provided to students by school officials about hate crimes.

The primary concern amongst members of the committee is the security of Jewish students on Harvard’s campus, which Foxx said isn’t guaranteed due to Harvard’s failure to address the ongoing rise of antisemitism. The investigation by the House Education Committee comes after six Harvard students filed a lawsuit against the school for common antisemitism across the student body. Students Against Antisemitism is also involved in the lawsuit and has demanded further protection of Jewish Harvard students.

According to the complaint, Harvard’s staff and administrators are vocally antisemitic and discriminatory against Jewish students. The complaint also claims that Harvard officials purposefully ignored its Jewish students and hindered their opportunity to participate in school programs. Another allegation from the students is that the university’s administrators don’t protect their physical safety and emotional well-being.

Shortly after Harvard’s former president, Claudine Gay, spoke before Congress about how the university classifies different actions as harassment, the House of Representatives announced a formal investigation into the reports of antisemitism. According to Gay, school officials consider context before determining whether an interaction is harassment. Gay also claimed that context would be relevant, even if it related to a student’s call for murdering Jewish people. Following her appearance before Congress, Gay resigned from her role as Harvard’s president.

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