GOP Lawmaker Saves Americans From War in Israel

( – Following the surprise attack on Israel by the militant group Hamas, one Republican lawmaker rescued Americans trapped in the country. Representative Cory Mills from Florida used his resources to plan an evacuation for 32 Americans trapped in Israel, transporting them to Jordan.

The Americans could not leave Israel directly, as airlines canceled flights leaving the nation due to the ongoing attack. Following the cancellation of flights from Israel, Mills coordinated with the U.S. Embassy in Jordan to transport the trapped Americans across the border to safer territory. Once the Americans arrived in Jordan, they could schedule flights to return to the United States. Mills confirmed the trip isn’t the last instance of an evacuation for Americans trapped in Israel and that future evacuations are currently being planned. According to Mills, there are still thousands of Americans trapped in Israel, so future evacuations need more support to be successful.

Mills isn’t the only Republican making efforts to evacuate Americans trapped within Israel, as Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is chartering flights from Israel to Tampa, Florida. DeSantis’s latest charter flight evacuated 270 Americans, whom the governor greeted upon their arrival in Florida. DeSantis’s flight is the latest in flights organized by American lawmakers to evacuate citizens from Israel, and widespread evacuation efforts will likely continue in the coming weeks. According to the United States State Department, more than 20,000 Americans remain trapped in Israel.

The ongoing conflict in Israel concerns many Americans, who fear the continuing war between Israel and Hamas will escalate into a more significant global conflict. Many officials in nations across the globe believe Iran might become involved in the coming weeks due to Tehran’s outspoken support for Hamas following the attacks. While intelligence indicates Iran isn’t directly involved in the conflict, Tehran remains one of Hamas’ closest allies in the region. Should Iran become involved, intervention by the United States or another third party seems almost assured. Iran remains uninvolved in the conflict, so the possibility of an escalating war remains uncertain.

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