GOP Lawmakers Are ‘Swatted’ On Christmas Day – Police To Investigate

( – Two Republicans became the victims of “swatting” after unknown citizens called the police and reported the two lawmakers as being in danger. Swatting is when someone knowingly calls in a false police report against a specific person in the hopes that police raid the victim’s house. Swatting reports typically involve accusations of significant crimes, such as murder or kidnapping, which result in an intense response by a local police department or SWAT unit.

Republican Representative Brandon Williams, from New York, became the first target of the attempted swatting. According to Williams, police contacted him before arriving at his home, informing him of the phone call. The second Republican targeted in the swatting calls is Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who claims it’s the eighth time she’s had the police falsely called to her residence.

Williams claimed the Capitol Police and local law enforcement were investigating the swatting incident and intended to charge the person responsible for the false report. Williams also shared his gratitude to law enforcement, stating the police who arrived at his home acted kindly and professionally. A spokesperson from the Rome Police Department discussed the swatting incident against Greene, claiming the department received a report focusing on Greene’s residence at approximately 11 a.m. on Christmas.

According to the Rom Police Department spokesperson, the police began communicating with Greene’s security team en route to her residence. After discussing the call with Greene’s security, authorities quickly determined the caller lied about the report involving Greene. The spokesperson also confirmed that this isn’t the first time local authorities received a report focusing on Greene’s house. Greene discussed the Rome Police Department’s response to the false call, claiming that the authorities who responded to the call were “the greatest.”

Greene and Williams aren’t the only Republicans targeted by swatters recently, as State Representative Kevin D. Miller, from Ohio, also reported being the victim of a false police report. According to Miller, the swatting incident involving his residence wasted police resources and put several lives at risk. Miller thanked the local authorities, expressing his gratitude to the Licking County Sheriff’s office for its quick response and professionalism surrounding the false police report.

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