GOP Rep Says Biden Is Fully to Blame For Border Crisis

( – GOP Representative Robert Aderholt recently shared his thoughts on the ongoing immigration surge at the southern United States border, which he says is Biden’s fault. Aderholt’s comments come as the House of Representatives pursues an impeachment inquiry of Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary, whom many blame for the ongoing immigration crisis. Aderholt claimed that Mayorkas is partially involved in the border crisis but that President Biden is wholly to blame for the ongoing wave of immigration. Aderholt said that while the impeachment inquiry is against Mayorkas, the real issue the House of Representatives should focus on is the Biden administration.

Aderholt’s statement comes as the House Homeland Security Committee is hearing testimony from multiple state leaders about how the ongoing immigration crisis is affecting their states. Among those testifying about the border crisis are attorney generals from various states, including Montana, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The various attorney generals all agreed that Mayorkas isn’t enforcing immigration policies, which has a negative impact on their states. Aderholt isn’t a Homeland Security Committee member, but he recently traveled with other Republican lawmakers to the southern United States border.

Around 60 Republicans visited the Mexican border, including Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, who called for immigration policy enforcement by the White House. Johnson offered an exchange between Republicans and the Biden administration, claiming he’d support Biden’s ongoing attempts to provide financial aid to Ukraine for its ongoing war with Russia.  Biden is currently pushing a $110 billion aid package for various United States allies, including Israel and Ukraine. Despite Johnson’s proposed exchange, President Biden hasn’t addressed the ongoing immigration surge directly.

Republican lawmakers aren’t the only elected officials calling for immigration policy adjustments, as certain progressive Democrats are criticizing Biden’s attempts to prevent the immigration surge. According to Representative Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington state, she holds “serious concerns” about the White House’s immigration policies. Jayapal claims that the Biden administration enforces immigration policies too heavily, citing the removal of 400,000 illegal immigrations throughout 2023. Despite Jayapal’s concerns, the latest wave of immigration resulted in a record-breaking number of illegal immigrants entering the United States. Some experts claim that if the immigration crisis persists, more than 12 million immigrants could enter the United States by 2025.

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