GOP Republicans SLAM Biden For Vacationing As Border Crisis Escalates

( – President Joe Biden just can’t seem to catch a break.

Or at least as a number of Republican personalities like to put it, the president shouldn’t be on break given the number of issues the country is facing, such as the sharp spike of migrants attempting to enter into the U.S. 

Republican Alabama Representative Gary Palmer, who also chairs the Policy Committee for House Republicans, called the president’s frequent getaways a “vacation from reality”. Palmer implied that that the current chief executive simply glosses over the “760,000 illegal immigrants” border agents have encountered since October last year. 

Republican Ohio Representative Jim Jordan also slammed the president’s recent vacation, calling out what he calls Biden’s lackadaisical attitude on border security. Another House GOP member, Wisconsin Representative Tom Tiffany, agreed, pointing out that Biden was “on vacation AGAIN” amid the large influx of “illegal aliens” whom he said are attempting to “invade” the U.S.’ Southern border. Republican Arizona Representative Andy Biggs, on the other hand, said that the “army of illegal aliens” on the southern border is what the “radical Left has always wanted,” and President Biden’s “soaking up the sun in the Caribbean” is a reflection of that attitude.  

The president vacationed with his family over the holidays at St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, as border officials say that the already crowded border crossings have been beset by an even larger influx of migrants hoping to enter the United States. 

Republicans have been especially keen on the issue of border security, with GOP members in the House of Representatives often butting heads with their counterparts in the Democratic party. The current issue the two parties are trying to thrash out are provisions in a supplemental spending package meant to send more aid to Ukraine and Israel. House Republicans, however, want significantly more funds allotted to border security.  

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