GOP Slams Biden Nominee over Afghanistan

( – Republican officials are criticizing President Joe Biden’s latest nominee for undersecretary of defense policy, citing the resounding failure of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Republicans referred to the nominee, Derek Chollet, and his defense of Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan and his involvement in the administration during the disastrous foreign policy debacle.

Republicans are also slamming Chollet for his claims that every American who sought evacuation escaped, a statement that Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin claims is false. Chollet’s involvement in the withdrawal policy is questionable, but during the Afghanistan incident, Chollet worked in the Biden administration. Chollet is the latest nominee proposed by Biden, but Republicans are unlikely to confirm his nomination without something in return.

Biden’s efforts to nominate various members to the Department of Defense are being halted by the actions of one key Republican, Senator Tommy Tuberville. Tuberville is consistently blocking Biden’s proposed nominations, citing “woke” policies in the military as his reasoning for refusing to confirm anyone to the Department of Defense. Three hundred different nominees await consideration thanks to Tuberville’s efforts, a number that’ll likely grow in the coming weeks. Despite many conservatives sharing Tuberville’s concerns about the military “going woke,” other Republicans are concerned that Tuberville is weakening the military by refusing promotions and nominations due to a political stance. Despite these concerns, Tuberville claims he will not stop until woke policies are removed from the military program.

Mullin didn’t just criticize Chollet for his role in the administration during the withdrawal; the senator also accused Biden’s nominee of hindering his efforts to rescue Americans trapped in Afghanistan following the withdrawal. During the withdrawal, Chollet served as a counselor for the State Department, meaning the nominee had some involvement in the policy decisions at the time. Mullin claims the State Department actively interfered with his efforts to fly to Afghanistan and provide transport to citizens. Despite Biden’s support of Chollet and his experience within the State Department, Republicans seem unlikely to confirm the nominee for various reasons.

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