GOP’s Impeachment Strategy Hinges on Significant Bribery Allegations

( – Republicans in Congress voted to formalize their ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, and said that they are looking at charging the president with abuse of power and bribery.

GOP lawmakers have released information that seems to incriminate the president, but are still struggling to find any concrete evident providing any direct links to corrupt activities. House Republicans have centered on the activities of the presidential son, Hunter Biden, particularly his business dealings, but so far have only established – at best – the possibility of the president being involved in his son’s business affairs. Another wrench in their plans was Hunter’s sudden refusal to appear before the congressional committees investigating his father. The younger Biden contended that he would only testify before a congressional committee if the proceedings were made public – something House Republicans have been reluctant to do so far.

Still, GOP congressmen are confident that there is something to be found if they dig deep enough.

Republican California Representative Darrell Issa, who serves on the House Judiciary Committee, told the news outlet The Daily Signal that based on the money trail uncovered by the congressional investigation, funds were funneled into the presidents home and bank accounts (during his tenure as vice president), and that Biden “favored entities that Hunter Biden was representing.” Not to mention, Issa said, that Biden gave “repeated false statements” regarding those funds. Those would be enough, according to Issa, for the “possibility of bribery” to be “on the table.”

Issa added that the only real challenge that an impeachment against Biden would face was that the activities they uncovered happened when Biden was vice president. In the past, impeachment complaints against other presidents were for infractions committed during their tenure as president.

“It’s not been tested,” Issa said of the approach House Republicans plan to take on getting Biden impeached.

Republican Arizona Representative Andy Biggs agrees. He said that once Biden’s obvious links to his son’s dealings in Ukraine, China, and Moscow come to light, people who say that “they don’t see evidence” will eventually “come around.”

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