Governor CALLS IT QUITS – Here’s What We Know!

( – On Monday former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) announced that he would not run for U.S. Senate. 

Hogan, who was a successful two term Governor (serving from 2015-2023), was the GOP’s top choice for the seat. Now, however, the GOP will have to look elsewhere. 

The seat in question is currently occupied by liberal Democrat Ben Cardin (D-MD). Cardin, though, announced in April that he would not be seeking reelection, leaving open the opportunity for a Republican to represent the state in the Senate. Hogan, however, won’t be the man to do it.

In an interview with NewsNation’s Leland Vittert, the former Maryland Governor said that “the Senate is an entirely different job”. The Senate, Hogan said, is not a very productive legislative body and “not a lot gets done”. Moreover, he said that most former Governors who go into the Senate wind up not liking it very much. 

With Hogan officially removing his hat from the ring, the Maryland GOP is in a tough spot for 2024. Maryland is a solidly Democratic state, so a viable Republican candidate would have to be very moderate, if not somewhat liberal. Hogan fit that mold perfectly. He was a regular critic of former President Donald Trump and was unusually socially liberal for a Republican. In a state as blue as Maryland, a MAGA Republican isn’t going to fly. 

Hogan also bowed out of a possible 2024 presidential bid back in March. Having accrued some national name ID during his time as Governor, he might have posed a credible challenge as a never-Trump, liberal Republican. 

But a third party presidential run is not entirely off the table for Hogan. Though he announced that he would not be seeking the Republican Party nomination, he said nothing about a possible independent run. It’s very possible that he could enter the race as a spoiler candidate. 

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