Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Gas Prices

Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Gas Prices

Governor Declares EMERGENCY – Biden Should Listen

( – Gas prices have continued to be a burden on Americans’ wallets, and many people are feeling the pinch. While President Joe Biden is trying to push for a federal gas tax holiday, some state governors are taking matters into their own hands, like Kentucky’s Andy Beshear (D).

On Thursday, June 23, Beshear issued a state of emergency and signed an executive order to deter price gouging in his state. The governor had previously sent state Attorney General David Cameron a letter regarding unscrupulous price hikes. In response, Cameron informed Beshear his office had received 263 complaints of such behavior and approximately 10% of those complaints accused companies of charging more than 110% of the prevalent price at the time. In Cameron’s opinion, declaring a state of emergency would provide the state’s constituents with “minimal” relief.

By declaring the state of emergency, Beshear effectively activated the state’s price gouging laws, allowing consumers to report the higher prices to AG Cameron’s office. In addition to the price gouging response, Beshear also froze Kentucky’s state gas tax, preventing an increase from going into effect on July 1.

Beshear admitted the impact might be minimal but argued taking some action was better than taking none. Do you think other states should follow in Beshear’s footsteps and take similar steps?

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