“Graphic” Sexuality Books Available to Children

(DailyVantage.com) – When parents send their kids to school to learn, the expectation is they will receive a well-rounded education in core subjects such as math, English, and social studies. Yet, woke ideology seems to have found its way into many school districts across the nation, and teachers are now deterring from those traditional lesson plans to teach students about other subjects like gender identity and sexuality. Parents are standing up against teaching these matters in the classroom and protesting which books might be available in school libraries.

One Hudson, Ohio, school parent is fighting the school board about including “Gender Queer,” Maia Kobabe’s book about sexual identity and exploration, on its library shelves. When the parent raised concerns about the book’s content, which is very graphically suggestive, a seven-member committee reviewed the book but found it acceptable. The members were concerned about “the sexual content contained in the book,” but “they also recognized that the book contained educational value.” The committee’s solution wasn’t to pull the book, which clearly depicts kids in sexual acts, but to add resources at the front to teach even more about gender identity.

This incident is far from the only circumstance where age-inappropriate books are made available to children. Jeremy Glenn, a school superintendent in Texas, is raising alarms about the content of books children can check out in the Granbury Independent School District. Many books, he said, contain the equivalent of pornography, and address LGBTQ+ topics. He doesn’t believe in exposing kids to those types of topics at impressionable ages.

Do you think schools should be more careful about the kinds of books they make available to students?

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