Greg Abbott Increases Border Security To Fight Immigration

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott is making headlines for his attempt at strengthening border security through various methods, including using razor wire to prevent illegal crossings. Abbott provided shipping containers and buoys to block potential paths for immigrants and brought additional protection through different soldiers from the National Guard and public safety officers.

Abbott’s efforts come during a historic immigration surge, which is rapidly becoming a problem for states like Texas and New York. The additional security is drawing heavy criticism, as Abbott is accused of instituting inhumane conditions to prevent innocent migrants from crossing into the United States. The other immigration prevention measures sit within the Rio Grande River. They are meant to deter immigrants from illegally crossing the United States by crossing the dangerous body of water.

Abbott’s decision to increase border security is likely a response to the Biden Administration’s refusal to provide aid to the southern border, an issue politicians from both sides of the aisle claim needs resolution. Despite this growing national concern, President Biden remains silent about his policy’s effect on the southern border and how immigration negatively impacts the United States.

Abbott created the now-infamous “floating wall” just weeks ago and is already facing controversy for preventing immigration into the United States. Two bodies were found soon after the makeshift barrier was constructed, with one discovered along the buoys covered in razor wire. Despite this tragic occurrence, Abbott remains adamant that the wall will remain and won’t allow unchecked immigration into Texas. The ongoing immigration crisis is a constant source of criticism for the Biden administration and serves as one of the primary concerns among American citizens.

Abbott’s immigration policy initially drew heavy criticism from Democratic officials in California and New York. In response to these liberal cities claiming to be “sanctuary cities,” Abbott had immigrants transported to them to showcase the growing immigration issue. Shortly after migrants began arriving in these cities, officials claimed that Abbott was using them for political gain and sought to have them removed. Mayor Eric Adams of New York City is asking the Biden Administration to declare a national emergency and address the growing immigration problem. Despite this request, the White House will unlikely relieve those directly impacted by the ever-increasing immigration crisis.

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